PR & Social Media Management Services

Whether you’re looking to launch a new product or increase brand awareness, we’ll help create a customized PR and social media strategy to improve your social media presence, traffic and engagement.

Increase Followers

Our social media management service helps boost your followers by connecting you with people who share your target market's interests and behaviors.

Increase Engagement

Posts that have already received comments or likes tend to get greater attention and engagement. We work to improve the level of interaction and make it easy for your audience to connect with you.

Public Relations

We offer comprehensive PR and media services, including press kits and press releases, to promote your brand's story, enhance visibility, and build lasting relationships with your audience.


Make Connections that Grow Your Business

Social media is the best way to reach new customers and move your business forward. There are currently 2 billion Instagram users, 3 billion Facebook users and 396 million Twitter users. Failing to use social media platforms strategically would be huge a missed opportunity.

With over a decade of experience managing social media accounts for small and medium-sized businesses, we know what works to maximize brand awareness and are up to date will all algorithm updates to ensure your campaigns stay efficient.

Our Social Media Services can help you:

Our Process



Meet your social media account manager



Get a comprehensive evaluation of your social media presence



Obtain a personalized data-driven plan to grow your accounts



Observe actual, tangible outcomes as your accounts grow

Original Content

Our social media services include creating content tailored to your brands identity. All content is pre-approved by you before we post.

Consistent Content Creation And Posting

We can create and put together content for you every day of the week to ensure your social media accounts have a constant flow of content.

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Real And Targeted Followers

Each business is unique, as is their target audience. We engage with potential clients and turn them into real, genuine followers.

Consistent Engagement

We monitor your accounts daily and aim to answer any questions that your potential customers may have in a timely manner.

Strategic Targeting

Getting content in front of your target audience can be challenging without spending all your budget on ads. Social media is a powerful tool, but it’s not plug-and-play. For social media to help you reach more people, you have to use the platforms properly.

You need to interact with your target audience in a thoughtful and consistent way this isn’t always easy to do when you’re running a business, which is where we come in. By posting high-quality content, being active every day, engaging with followers, and monitoring activity, we improve your social media presence and engagement, gain you real organic followers, grow your audience, increase your influence and drive sales.


Which Channels Should You Focus On?

It takes time to learn how to manage your social media accounts on your own. You need to know everything there is to know about the frequently changing best methods, techniques, and strategies for each network. This can lead to a long period of trial and error, which can test your patience.

Your industry, target market, and business goals will determine which platforms are best for your business.

Our social media management experts know all the ins and outs of each platform and will come up with a results-driven strategy that makes sense for you.

Platforms we specialize in include:


Why You Need a Social Media Management Company


Your customers are on social media

Social media is used by close to 4 billion individuals, and this figure increases yearly. This implies that your clients use social media regularly regardless of the sector in which your business operates. To ensure that you are always their first choice, it is crucial to keep them interested in and connected to your business. Why not promote your company where people are scrolling?


People Are Searching for Your Business

If your business is providing a useful good or service, then there are individuals looking for it. Make sure you're visible online so they can find you. Social networking sites like Instagram are beginning to use their own SEO procedures, for example you can now optimize your Instagram account to show up for search keywords related to your company (not just hashtags or location tags, but standard search queries in the search bar). Our social media management service will assist your company in making the most of social media with the goal of bringing in new clients and revenue.


People are talking about you on social media

Social media is where your clients are talking, and you want to join in, contribute, and answer any questions they may have about your product or service. You want to stay on top of it whether people are leaving direct comments and messages on your page or whether there is a wider discussion going on about the goods and services you offer. Our social media management services concentrate on showcasing the best features that your business has to offer, reacting swiftly and efficiently to any direct messages you get (whether they are favorable or not), and starting conversations when appropriate to improve engagement. When you establish a connection with your followers, it becomes more likely that you eventually win their business.


You want to stand out from your competitors

The majority of small businesses (77.2%) claim that social media is their preferred method of advertising. This means your competitors are most likely using social media to connect and convert your target audience. The vast majority of business owners and entrepreneurs do not have enough time in their schedules to properly manage all of their social media accounts or may not always know about all the strategies and algorithm updates that can allow them to gain an advantage on their competitors. You shouldn't "be on social media" only for the sake of doing so. Our team can help.

Reasons to Invest in Social Media

Find Clients and Customers

Every day, 4.7 billion people use social media. If you're not active on social media networks, you are missing out on a great way to reach your target audience.

Get People to Know Your Brand

Social media is a great way to raise awareness, which is a key step in the buying journey. You can build relationships with new and existing followers and this can lead them to buy your product or service.

Keep Customers Coming Back

More than half of the people who follow a brand are also loyal to it. On social media, you can not only talk to shoppers, but you can also get them to love your business even more.

Get People to Buy More than Once

Your business can get clients & customers to buy from you again and again. Posts about new products, limited-time sales, and promotions can bring people back to purchase from your business and even share your products and services with their friends and family.

Generate Valuable Leads

Social media can also help B2B companies. More than 40% of B2B marketers obtain clients by using Facebook alone, showing how useful these networks can be. However, given that most businesses are not using them properly, yours has a unique chance to stand out.

Drive Results

Nearly 75% of customers use social media to decide what to buy. Companies invest in professional social media services because it is a key touchpoint for both B2C and B2B shoppers. As your partner, we'll help your business improve its brand awareness, customer loyalty, sales, and more.


What does our social media management agency do?

We handle your social media management needs including content creation, posting regularly and monitoring your accounts.

While the action of posting social content is an easy process, doing it properly demands having a strategy and can take a lot of time. We start by taking a step back and conducting a preliminary audit of your current online presence, your company as a whole, your competitors, and your target market. What distinguishes you from others in your sector? What distinguishing qualities do you offer? Why should clients pick your company? These are some of the questions that we we go over while working with you to create a marketing strategy that fits your brands voice and target market.

We will start by conducting in-depth research and developing a plan that is unique to your company before beginning putting together content for your social media channels. Depending on which social media sites you’re posting on, the call to action will change. The basic idea is to produce material that is precisely based on the data we discover while researching your target market or niche. Using this information, we produce content and images that stand out from the competition and capture the interest of your target demographic.

Social media, along with the rest of the internet, is always changing. It’s critical to keep in mind that “the internet” is made up of actual people whose viewpoints and purchasing habits are also continuously shifting. What comments or messages have your followers left for you? How well are your posts being received? What is and isn’t effective for your social networks? You can be confident that we will be keeping an eye on your social media efforts every day when you choose to use one of our social media management plans.

Cost of our Social Media Management Service

Our social media management plans are customized to fit your needs.

We offer tailored packages depending on your needs. How many posts will we be doing a month? How many channels will we be posting to? Do you have any content or will we be creating it? Based on these metrics, we will charge a monthly retainer fee. Our average costs are between $1,500 – $3,500 per month.

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Social Media Management Service Features

Get industry-leading experience and discover how our social media management services may increase your brand's recognition, online following, and even revenue by learning more about them in-depth.

With original and brand-consistent content made for your company, you will get new followers and engage your present ones. Depending on your package, a social media management professional will produce posts each month for your social media accounts.

Increase company recognition and convey a sense of trustworthy authority with a personalized cover photo and profile photo design. Your personal social media specialist will optimize these photographs for social media if your social media accounts don’t already have a polished, in-line cover and profile photo.

Develop a cutting-edge social media plan for your company with the help of a thorough social media account audit performed by your professional social media account manager. This means reviewing your past posts, comments and engagement.

We perform an in-depth analysis on your competitors so you can gain unparalleled insight into their online performance. We then identify possibilities for your company and can see competitor weaknesses through our research, enabling you to create the most effective data-driven campaign.

Your dedicated social media specialist will keep an eye on how well your social media strategy works as well as check your social media accounts every day to see how the posts they made for your business are doing and how people are responding to them.



Contact us for a free consultation. We will go over your needs and discuss creating a strategy to help grow and maintain your social media accounts.

Sales can be easily lost if your customers don’t receive a response to their question in a timely manner. By monitoring your accounts, we make sure that all questions are answered and no sales get lost due to inquiries going unanswered.

There are two ways to grow an audience: organic growth and paid advertising. We do not buy fake followers. We interact with people interested in your niche/business that are likely to interact and follow back.

It does not. We encourage our clients to share their photos and videos with us so we can use them when we put the visuals together. If you don’t have any, no problem, we can provide targeted content to your audience while you continue running your business.

Our creative team can definitely help you with you photography and videography needs if you are located in the cities we serve. Please contact us with your request and we will get back to you.

Benefits You Will Enjoy With The Right Social Media Management Company

When your business works with our social media management company, it gets access to some of the most talented people in the field right away. At ArkLink we work with top social media experts that are also highly skilled in design, copywriting, and development, so we can give your business everything it needs.

Account Growth

Watch your social media account grow organically with real, targeted people that are interested in your business.

Increased Website Traffic

More followers and engagement on your account can lead to more website clicks from potential customers.

No Long Term Contracts

We do not charge you for account setup fees and or make you sign contracts to lock you in.

Ready to get Started?

We’d love to hear from you.

Contact us via email or fill the form with details regarding your project and we will email you back to schedule a consultation.

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